In making this film, four independent companies partnered to fulfill a dream, and to make it a reality for others to share. The project was ambitious, requiring an orchestrated effort on the part of many people, as well as significant time and resources.

The planning process was elaborate, requiring negotiations with and approvals from all stakeholders. Could it be done? There were doubts that the new VR technology might not function at planned, through production and post-production. Moreover, the team had to understand that they could move forward only with the cooperation of the environment. They had to be flexible, ready to deal with the unpredictable nature of … nature. Weather and sea ice conditions could change in a moment’s notice. So, there were many obstacles to making the dream a reality.

In the end, rather than extend the deliberations any longer, we decided to take the VR project forward independently. The time was right, and fed our desire to pioneer such a film – to do something that has never been done before – in the highest quality possible.